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I am sold out for 2020! The online Store Will Open Back Up in june!
To all my customers,
Thank you!


My mission is to provide you with high quality, naturally grown hardneck garlic using regenerative agricultural practices and absolutely no chemical pesticides or herbicides while strengthening our soil, water, and wildlife resources for future generations.



I started growing hardneck garlic when I was still in college at the University of Wisconsin Stevens point. It was during my time there that I gained an appreciation for the vast interface between agricultural production and wildlife conservation. As a professor of mine once told the class, “If you want to help wildlife, find a better way to grow food.”

I let that Idea guide my thoughts in some interesting directions, and as I continued with my course work, I had begun to suspect that I wanted to be involved with farming just as much as pursuing a career in wildlife conservation. 

So in the fall of 2016 I planted my first garlic crop. And for the next few years I learned the ins and outs of planting, growing, harvesting, curing, processing, and storing garlic.

Now I would like to offer my garlic for sale!

What We Offer

I currently offer garlic bulbs sold by the pound for eating and planting, as well as garlic scapes sold by the pound.

In the future I hope to expand the number of varieties of hardneck garlic that I provide, as well as the volume of garlic produced. 

Romanian Red Hardneck Garlic

Large attractive bulbs that vary in appearance, ranging from wrappers that are all white to those with red streaks.


Scapes possess a slight garlic flavor and asparagus texture. They are great for making pesto and stir frys. Available for shipping immediately after harvest in June.

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